▷ Becket exhibition

In July a group of gallery goers saw the beautifully curated Becket exhibition at the British Museum. Jonathan Jones in his review for The Observer on 14 May described it as a “gore-fest” recalling in graphic images the horrific murder of Becket on the instructions of King Henry II in Canterbury Cathedral on 29th December 1170. The exhibition includes manuscripts, a striking stone font from a Swedish village, gold and enamel caskets made in Limoges and four of the stained glass windows from Canterbury Cathedral depicting aspects of Becket’s life and gruesome death, as well as the miracles which resulted in his canonisation as a saint in 1173. It also includes manuscripts of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and the defaced manuscripts resulting from Henry VIII’s attempts to expunge Becket from history in the 16th Century. As usual, we gathered after the exhibition for coffee and conversation.

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