▷ Quiz Night round-up

CEDU3A Quiz night – 6 July 2021

Among the heroes who will be recalled from this summer of 2021, remember the name of The Mish Mash, for it was they who surged to a decisive five point victory to claim the title of CEDU3A Online Quiz Champions, scoring 91 out of a possible 110, including one round that achieved a perfect score on one of the Table Rounds. Heartiest congratulations to them!
Despite a significant number of no shows, perhaps attracted by some football tournament that clashed with this scholarly challenge, a dozen teams took part, answering questions on a broad range of topics, including London, Literature and Science & Nature.
At half-time the teams Smartacus and Snazzy led by a point from Beer Monsters, with the eventual winners The Mish Mash languishing in sixth place. Clearly they were conserving their mental energies for the late surge
Beer Monsters moved up a place to second , and a more judicious choice of Joker Round (which scored double) could have seen them snatch victory as they scored a perfect round with their knowledge of History.
Smartacus dropped to third while sadly Snazzy faded badly.
The organisers would like to thank everyone who took part and hope that from wherever you came it was an enjoyable evening.
The next time we do this we can reasonably hope it will be back in The Maynard PH, which should ensure an even more fun and competitive evening.