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Raise a glass – Gesondheid!

This month the The Wine … and More Group raised a glass to South African wine. South Africa has been hit by three wine export bans over the last 12 months, forcing many wine producers to go out of business or sitting on huge amounts of unsold wine. The wine world has responded with fund raising events and by encouraging everyone to purchase more South African wines, to help shift stocks and create more demand. The group did their bit with 22 people purchasing a bottle for the tasting. Wine suggestions were provided and on the night most of the producing wine regions were represented and discussed. Those unfamiliar with South African wines were pleasantly surprised by the high quality and the reasonable price of many. The Bruce Jack range really stood out – a wine producer who does a lot for charity as well as making delicious wines. We tasted their Sauvignon Blanc to great acclaim. Also well received was the Zalze Chenin Blanc, the Bellingham Whole Bunch Roussanne and the new and unusual Bosman Ne-Ro, based on the Nero D’Avola grape from Sicily which has found a new home in the sun-rich, water-scarce soil of South African vineyards.
One member commented: Many thanks for this and for last night’s enjoyable and informative tastings. I am especially grateful that you put me on to Bruce Jack wines – a real find.
Another said: My jaw dropped ..I am talking about Zalze in 2021 This huge 13.5% volume was drunk over 3 days without losing fragrance, important. In this Chenin Blanc, I found a floral, pineapple taste.

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