Podcast : The art of dreaming

Exhibitions & Galleries Group member Vivien Tesseras recommends a podcast from the Tate – The Art of Dreaming.
“It’s a very soothing and calming half-hour’s listening, and looks at how art can encourage us to dream. It features short pieces from a variety of people working in the arts, including artists, film-makers, thinkers, a dancer and a choreographer, telling the stories, dreams and inspirations behind their works, be it dance or sculpture or art objects. I’d heard of Akram Khan and Barbara Hepworth, but listening to other contributors I was unfamiliar with was fascinating. I enjoyed the artist and film-maker Michelle Williams Gamaker talking about her early experiences of visiting the National Gallery as a six-year-old and being inspired by what she saw – she didn’t know what she was looking at but did know that she loved it, and goes on to say that art nourished her. Something we could all do with at the moment.”

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