High Street project workshop

Tuesday 26 January 2021, 10.30 a.m.-12.30 p.m.

The purpose of the High Street Project Workship is to share and discuss ideas, and leave with a skeleton plan of action that you can tailor to your own U3A purposes. The event will be introduced with a brief update on the facts, figures and plans that have arisen from the data already provided by 500+ members who have taken part in the 2020 High Street survey.
Any U3A or member can join the workshop on 26th January whether or not you completed a High Street survey in 2020.

Many of you have already suggested that making audio apps for guided trails would be a great local project, and so Peter Clift and Nick Bailey of U3A Radio have kindly agreed to attend and offer help and advice about structuring interviews and practical audio recording.
There will be 4 breakout sessions to choose from:
  High Street-related projects as a means of attracting and retaining members: Led by Linda Foreman, Kingston U3A and looking at active short-burst projects, from survey work to language learning and urban sketching
  Change, planning and future visions: the decisions that shaped your High Street and continue to do so, led by Ann Keating. Why were / are decisions made, and is all change for the worse? How can survey data gathered by members illustrate change in action?
  The living history of the High Street: capturing reminiscences in many different ways, led by Jo Livingston of Bexley U3A and U3A radio
  Make a walking trail using street names, working life, notable people and landmarks to tell the story and convey the sense of local identity, led by Ann Higgins of King’s Lynn U3A and U3A Radio
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The intention is to repeat this workshop to meet the needs of members across all regions and nations and to continue supporting you in your project work, so if you know of members who can’t come to this session then look out for the repeat support sessions going towards Easter and maybe beyond then.

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