Talk : The Unification of the British Isles – A Lesson in Geology

Join Martin Eales, Consultant Geologist & Geophysicist and member of Sutton U3A, for an online talk followed by a Q&A and discussion session.

Friday 22 January 2021, 2 – 3 p.m.

Some 500 million years ago, Scotland was situated near to the Equator. It was separated by a vast ocean from England and much of Europe, which lay close to the South Pole with ice sheets over the Sahara and Amazon.
England headed northwards and collided with Scotland around 400 million years ago, together with North America, to form a vast Himalayan-style mountain belt. Southern Europe and Africa joined a little later (some 100 million years after) to form the super continent of Pangea.
Relatively recently (circa 50 million years ago) North America decided to break away and is currently hurtling westwards forming the growing Atlantic Ocean. America tried to take Britain along for the ride, initially causing a lot of volcanism in Scotland but failed, leaving Britain perched on the edge of the Europe.
This is a National U3A event and not one organised by the Crouch End & District U3A.
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