Online Zoom tutorials

Introduction to Zoom
The aim of this session is to help you become familiar with the basics of how to use the Zoom platform, what you can do on it, some of the functions (such as splitting into break-out rooms, muting everyone!) and how to be safe. This is aimed at novices to gain confidence is using Zoom.
Zoom for Group Leaders
The tutorial will be ideal for interest group leaders looking for help to run their groups online using Zoom.
Zoom for Hosting Group Meetings
The aim will be to cover the basics on organising and inviting members to meetings, meeting protocols, managing your group, and showing slides. This is aimed any anyone who runs their own meetings and would like to do so successfully.
Running Large Meetings and Virtual AGMs
The tutorial will be ideal for those U3As, looking at hosting large meetings, AGMs, hosting large guest speaker events. It will cover AGM preparations, starting the meeting, running the meeting, and steps to take after the meeting has concluded.
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