Membership subscriptions 2021

Temporary changes to Membership Subscriptions

As a consequence of COVID-19 restrictions, in place since March 2020, it has not been possible to offer members the full range of activities that had been planned. And, as a result of that, our expenditure this year has been less than half what had been budgeted. The Executive Committee has therefore decided that when existing members renew their membership subscriptions for 2021, the fee should be reduced to £15 each, instead of £35 which is the normal fee. The concessionary rate will remain at £5 because fees that we are obliged to pay to the Third Age Trust per member exceed that amount.
As we are anticipating that unfortunately it may still not be possible to provide all the activities that we would like to offer during some, or perhaps most, of next year, the Executive has also decided that new members who take out a membership subscription for and during 2021 will only be asked to pay £25.
Please note that these are temporary arrangements and that we expect to revert to a £35 subscription for all members in 2022.

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