Minoan culture

The October meeting of the Ancient History Group was held via Zoom. Tulin presented a talk on the Minoans for which she had already sent splendid photos to us. The pictures were a guide to this extraordinary early civilisation, existing from about 3000 BC and ending in about 1100 BC. Colossal buildings were constructed, often four stories high. Legends were invented which became famous stories, like the one of the Minotaur. Sir Arthur Evans rediscovered the culture in the 20th century, when he visited Knossos, calling it the Minoans, after the mythical king Minos. The Minoans traded in saffron, copper, tin gold, silver artefacts. The most notable palace was Knossos on Crete, one of the most famous frescos is called the saffron-gatherers. The artefacts show men and women in similar sports, weapon bearing, hunting and archery. Their culture is considered one of the early matriarchic civilisations in which both men and women had similar rights. Some paintings depict women in beautiful clothes with make up and elaborate hairstyles, illustrating their prominent role in society.

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