Autumn leaves

The Outings Group enjoyed a recent visit the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. After a while the darkening skies produced a torrential downpour, which luckily soon stopped and allowed us time to thoroughly explore.
It holds a glorious 8,000+ collection of plants from all over the world, used to facilitate teaching and research, and is a beautiful location with a series of landscapes through which to discover the drama of plant diversity.
It was founded in 1762 in the city centre, to grow plants to be used in the teaching of medical students at the university. In 1831 John Henslow, Professor of Botany, began work to move the garden to its present location. Designed to house a magnificent tree collection, his ideas on variation and the nature of species caught the attention of his protégée Charles Darwin.
October was an ideal time to witness the delightful autumn colours and visits at other times of the year would offer very different displays. Highly recommended.