U3A High Streets Project

Would you like to take part in a ground breaking U3A-led project looking at the UK high street?
The response of consumers to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in online ordering. This could be bad news for our high streets. This project would like to find out, and compare the 2022 position with now. It will involve volunteers from the U3A walking along local high streets and recording details, with photographs, of each shop.
Registration is required to take part in the project. This will help to establish not only which Regions are taking part but also which types of shopping area are being surveyed.
Participants in the project will receive an email in early September with an information pack and full instructions so they can start the recording exercise.
Next year a similar study will be carried out to ascertain how things have changed, and a final pandemic impact will be published in time for the U3A 40th Anniversary in 2022.
If you have any questions please get in touch with Carole Chapman, Chair, National Research Sub-Committee – carole.chapman@u3a.org.uk.
Thank you so much – we look forward to hearing from you.
Peter Cox (High Street Research Project (HSRP) Steering Group)

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