U3A Development Plan : progress report

After two years of consultation with members, the Third Age Trust announced the results of its medium term Development Plan last August. Implementation commenced in the autumn. To varying degrees, COVID-19 has obviously affected delivery since March of the plan’s four key proposals.
Work on raising the profile of the U3A movement continues, via virtual meetings, and its plans will be announced over the coming months. The Developing the Movement proposals are evolving and should not be too delayed.
Thanks to many very imaginative ideas from members, COVID-19 has resulted in some of the learning proposals being launched earlier than planned; others will be closer to the original timeline.
Plans to upgrade the Trust’s technology resources have been deferred a number of months until the Trust assesses the financial impact of the current crisis.
Members will be updated on the implementation of the development plan at regular intervals.
The U3A movement will not be immune to the impact of the current crisis. Therefore, the Trust is starting to think about its consequences and impact on our current operations and practices. The crisis has brought with it both challenges and opportunities, particularly those relating to connecting members remotely. As well as the lessons learnt by the Trust it is important, in order to reach the right conclusions, to receive the thoughts and experiences of members as well. Please send them to ian.mccannah@u3a.org.uk.