COVID-19 archive

Like many organisations Haringey’s Bruce Castle Museum and Archive is in the process of documenting these unprecedented times for future generations to study and hopefully learn from.
If you would like to help in the creation of this archive for the Museum it would be great if you take some photos of any signage and flyers/posters from the Council or community groups, etc. that you might come across, messages of support displayed in windows, or any other images documenting the pandemic.
Please note that only images taken in the London Borough of Haringey will be relevant to the archive.
The images will be made available for the public to access for research, and for Bruce Castle to use in their exhibitions, publications and heritage and educational projects. Copyright will be accredited if all details are sent with the images.
Please send any images (jpg files, please) to, with your name and, if possible, the location of the image, to aid documentation of the archive