Zoom – practical tips

Zoom is a means of arranging meetings remotely and is being used by a number of Groups. Here are a few practical tips from Jon (acoustics consultant) and Brenda of the French Book Club:
■ Try to conference from a room with soft furnishings. This will usually be your living room
■ Avoid conferencing from your kitchen. The hard surfaces produce unwanted sound reflections
■ Avoid background noise at your location such as washing machines, dishwashers, radios and TVs
■ Background noise greatly reduces the intelligibility for your recipients even though it may be at a comfortable level for you
■ Stay reasonably close to your computer/phone microphone. This will give your voice dominance over other external noises in your environment
■ The quality of many loudspeakers built-in to laptops and phones is not the best so you can get considerable benefit from using headphones or earbuds.
■ Participants should mute their microphones when they are not speaking. This cuts out background noise when listening to the speaker.
■ Zoom gives more than the advertised 40 minutes for a basic account.

Zoom set-up guide ▷
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Email any ideas about how best to use Zoom to cedu3a@gmx.com