Art UK

“At Art UK, we have digitised nearly 250,000 artworks from all over the United Kingdom. These works are distributed across 3,290 venues including museums, universities, historic houses, hospitals and other civic buildings.
There are also a growing number of public sculptures, introduced through our Sculpture Project. In total, these artworks are the creations of 45,000 artists.”

Those who attended the January 2020 monthly meeting were privileged to hear an illustrated talk by Andrew Ellis, director of Art UK, the country’s foremost site featuring digitalized works of art from a huge range of collections, both private and public. If you and are an art lover and have some time to spare in the foreseeable future why not investigate what Art UK has to offer, and particularly those lesser-known artists?
For example Art UK has digitised over 270 art works from our own Bruce Castle Museum, featuring all manner of images, including many by John Bonny, painter of many local scenes, and over 40 works by Beatrice Offor.

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