Executive Committee news

Summarised actions arising from the CEDU3A Executive Committee (EC) meeting held on 20th December 2019

Executive Processes

Membership renewal requests for 2020 had been sent out and would be re-sent to those who had not responded in January. 300 had signed up for the coming year so far, out of 710 requests sent out. Approximately 200 members had signed up for Gift Aid donations and reminders to other members would be sent out early in 2020.
It was agreed that financial documents and committee minutes would be stored for a minimum of 6 years, in line with national U3A guidance. Further agreed that only one set of stored documents was required and they would be held by the CEDU3A Secretary.
The Safeguarding Policy was finalised following amendment and would be placed on the website together with the other policies. Members to be informed via the bulletin. The Strategic Plan had been revised and will form an integral part of documents being prepared for the AGM on 2nd April. The accounts for the annual plan will be prepared during January.
The Chair informed the group that she would be standing down from the Executive Committee as a Trustee Member when she vacated the officer role at the AGM. Three additional trustees would be sought, to replace those due to stand down.
An action plan setting out the preparation stages for the AGM had been drawn up and was approved, including the rescheduling of the March Executive Committee meeting from the 13th to 6th March.

Groups / Meetings / Members

Members signing up for the Christmas Companions initiative had been matched and those indicating an interest in the Twixtmas initiative would be offered 4 or 5 activities during that period.
Amendments to a draft document entitled How to be a Good Interest Group Member were agreed. The final version to be placed on the website for all to access and announced in the bulletin.
It was reported that there were almost 80 interest groups now (including some duplicated because of demand) and a new German conversation group was being developed. Architecture would be removed from the list of groups on the website.
The possibility of an additional seating area for the AGM at the Union Church and Community Centre to be investigated.
Consideration was given to allocating some seating at the monthly meetings for those with mobility issues or late arrivals, and late arrivals in general to be strongly discouraged. A sign will be put on the main door asking late arrivals to access the hall via the side entrance. Agreed that the monthly meetings should beginning at 10.30am with the notices being read, prior to the speaker of the day. Members to be notified via the bulletin and website.
The possibility of an art history talk and a speaker from the Thames Discovery programme agreed to be pursued.


An additional surplus of £3,500 was likely to be recorded at end 2019, in addition to funds already invested. Current and deposits accounts had been established with Natwest Bank but the online approval process for payments was more unwieldy than the current Metro Bank process.
As a result it was agreed that the Treasurer should maintain current banking arrangements with Metro and manage transfers of funds across both banks,so that a working level of funds only was kept in the Metro account. It was also agreed that the funds held for safety in the Treasurer’s own account should be transferred into the Natwest account and Paypal funds into the Metro account in January.


It was agreed to cease efforts to liaise with the Haringey Adult Learning Service as there had been no response to communications to date.
The new External Relations Group was due to meet for the first time in January. It was agreed that they should be asked to set up a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on issues raised at the new members’ coffee mornings.


It was agreed to put out a call once again for a volunteer equipment coordinator and a volunteer recruitment coordinator. Also to seek trained first aiders for the monthly meetings and volunteers to arrange social events.