Bordeaux de-mystified!

Notoriously expensive, the wines of Bordeaux are a mystery to many, as the classifications can be difficult to understand, and few appreciate the differences between wines from the left bank and the right bank.
At the October monthly meeting of the Wine … More Group, we set out to demystify the whites, reds and dessert wines of Bordeaux, with some sterling examples all below £25.00, and with an average price of £15.00. Not an easy task, but we did it!
The great whites from Entre-Deux-Mers, the soft reds of St Emilion, the structured reds of the Graves, the luscious wines of Margaux, and a splendid Sauternes, were all there to taste and appreciate.
What an evening. That was the tasting that was! And so many good comments, including someone who rushed out the following morning and cleared the shelves of a particular wine …

… a special thank you for the amazing evening on Thursday, I learnt so much and while shopping today, I bought the Sauternes at Waitrose. – CH
Thank you Luisa for all your work collating notes for us so that we might understand and enjoy the complexity and difference between grapes and the resulting wine. Our group so enjoy what you do. Thank you Vivienne, we all love your recipes and how they compliment the chosen wines … EC
Most enjoyable last night! Great learning and great fun! Thank you. – DR
A big, huge thank you … for such a marvellous tasting session last night. Everyone must have really got into the spirit as we all know that closing time is 9.30 but last night it was steamrollered! I have just got home from Waitrose in Holloway. I left it till late just in case you went there and I would loathe to swipe such gorgeous reds from you! I bought, as gifts for wine enthusiast pals, their last 2 bottles of Chateau Moulin de Curat … – LH

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