Talking About Death Workshop

Despite more media coverage and the spread of Death Cafes in recent years, death is still a taboo topic in our society although we feel free to talk openly about almost anything else. Since the Freudians ‘discovered’ denial, we have learned that, although protective, denial can sometimes be unhelpful and can leave us ill-prepared for facing what is, after all, the one certainty in life!
Although the U3A is devoted to helping people to stay healthy and active, planning for the kind of death you want can be seen as a sign of good mental health.
As it can be a comfort and support to have a place where these conversations can be acceptable and helpful to others, we are planning a Talking about Death Workshop, with the possibility of an ongoing group if there is sufficient interest.
The agenda will be to explore the issues of death in a respectful, positive and matter-of-fact way, for example:
Why talk about death? How can it help us?
What kind of death do I want?
I want to live as long and well as possible – what are the implications?
What kind of funeral do I want?
Who will be there with me at the end of my life?
What is a Death Doula and how do I get one?
How can I make the end of my life easier for my family?
The workshop will be run by Jan Williams, a qualified and experienced facilitator of Death Cafes and parenting groups, who currently also runs the Latin group.
Jan envisages the workshop taking place in November and lasting about 1.5-2 hours, with a 20 minute tea break part way through.
If you interested in this workshop please email Jan at