We’re talking travel …

Cuba was the destination of choice in August and we had an enthusiastic discussion as a number of us had been there, all around the same time so it transpired. Graham showed a selection of evocative photos of Havana which captured the elegance, faded charm and infectious vitality of the city.
Then we got down to talking. The topic was Ways we can help save the planet. We shared ways that we can made a difference from buying friendly toiletries to staying in eco-friendly hotels, flying on green airlines and carbon offsetting. The group is going to compile a list of hints & tips which will be available on the website.
In September, we shall be in the Southern States of the USA as Carl relives a musical road trip, then travelling on to Japan. We will have an update on responsible tourism and more on carbon offsetting as well as a Q&A session. It is clear that, after only four meetings, the Group has a wealth of knowledge to share and are more than happy so to do.

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