First aiders

A number of conveners and group leaders, as well as some Executive Committee members have attended a basic 3 hour first aid course.
With a blend of instruction and practical activities, our trainer Anthea Banner from Strong Roots Training talked us through the mysteries of DRABC, before showing us how to put a casualty into the recovery position.
This led into the intricacies of CPR, where we learnt the correct rhythm for our chest compressions by singing Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. After being introduced to the workings of the defibrillator, we moved on to consider less life threatening situations.
How to deal with choking, cuts and bleeding, sprains and strains were all covered by Anthea, so that we ended the session in the unusual positon of having learned loads of skills that we hope to never have to use.
Thanks are due to John Hemingway, convener of the Longer Walks Group,for arranging this training session.