Love travel?

Then the We’re Talking Travel Group may be just up your street!
Before the inaugural meeting of the Group in May, members were invited to nominate their three favourite places visited and the three that were on their wish list. Not only did this give us an insight into just how well travelled the group is, it gave us a steer as to the content for the June and July meetings, So it was, that so far we have had presentations on New Zealand, Costa Rica, South Africa and as to how to go about organizing independent rail trips around Europe. Sharing knowledge, hints and tips is what the talking travel group is all about and we learn from each other’s experiences, both good and not so good.
For the future meetings, we will continue to look at wish list countries: so, for example, in August we’ll be in Cuba and the Southern States of the USA.
Further ahead, we’ll be looking at holidays closer to home, in the UK and Europe, and different styles of travel, from walking and camping, canals to cruises and special interest holidays focussing on history, architecture, art appreciation, painting and food and wine.
We are thinking of inviting guest speakers to tell us about the joys of solo travelling and what it was like completing El Camino de Santiago.
We all love travelling and we love talking about it. We will be promoting the group at the Open Day in September but if you want to beat the rush and join now, please complete this contact form

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