Grim to glitz …

London in the 60s : from the grim to the glitz
Members of the 1960s Group had an afternoon’s viewing in April enjoying two DVDs showing life in London in the Sixties. The first film, in grainy black and white, showed life in the first half of the decade. London was a city slowly being rebuilt after years of austerity. Everything seemed to be a continuation of the past and more of the same. In marked contract was My Generation, the film created and narrated by Michael Caine. This was all about Swinging London, a magnet for the young who, for the first time, felt free and bold enough to follow their dreams, rejecting the expectations of their parents’ generation. The film was in vibrant colour, had a great soundtrack and featured some of the main players: actors, designers, hairdressers, musicians, artists and photographers They did say that Swinging London was just 300 people but their effect was overwhelming, global and enduring.

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