▪︎ Mental Health Debates Group

Mental health is much in the news. Less often reported are the many debates in this area which have implications for how we think and talk about, and respond to, what are commonly called mental health problems. This time-limited group is an opportunity to learn more about and discuss these important issues. Guided by the group’s interests and preferences, the topics we’ll discuss can include debates relating to: different ways of thinking about ‘mental health problems’; psychiatric diagnosis; drug treatments and talking therapies; compulsory treatment; the service user movement; and the future of services. This isn’t a therapy group. These debates are potentially relevant to all of us and raise issues beyond mental health services, including the impact of social and economic policies, how important issues are framed in the media and elsewhere, social influences on research, and how human rights ideas are, or are not, translated into practice. Group members will be asked to carry out some research and reading between sessions, which will mainly be guided discussions. The group could be of interest to those with or without any kind of background in mental health services

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