▷ Wine … and More

Thursday 18 October 2018

“I knew nothing at all about wine and this Wine and More session was really welcoming to all levels. It was cram packed full of interesting facts on the 8 wines from Italy tasted (drunk!), both white and red. It helped in understanding my own preferences and also why others prefer different wines. We learnt about why Italian wines are named the way they are, and about the 4 denominations. I am going to Italy in two weeks’ time and now I will be able to choose wines with some proper understanding.” – EH.
“I very much enjoyed the event last night, it was informative and pleasurable, and thanks to our host’s warmth and hospitality, and your lively presentation, felt like an evening shared with friends.” – JH.
“Thank you for a marvellous instructive and convivial evening. You brought the mysteries of wine to life and even local shops that supply! Vivienne’s supper was delicious. Naturally, I would love to come to the November gathering, so please count me in! Sincere thanks.”- EC.

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