►On the Regents Canal

Members of the Shorter Walks Group met at Angel Station, from which Helen Bembridge took us, via Boris Johnson’s house, to visit a house in Noel Road where she had lived as a student. It was a house that had been owned, or lived in, by various interesting people, including Paul McCartney. We then joined the Regent’s Canal for the rest of the walk. The canal is lined with buildings which include old warehouses, some converted for work or living spaces, new apartments, some more affordable than others, and social housing. We stopped for lunch at the now very fashionable Broadway Market with its profusion of places to eat and drink.

After leaving the market we passed Victoria Park, a welcome green space developed in the East End in the 19th century. We crossed a humpbacked bridge over the entrance to The Hertford Union Canal which leads to the River Lea Navigation. The canal then passes a green space in Mile End which includes a “green bridge” over the Mile End Road. Beyond this is the Ragged School Museum which was founded by Dr Barnardo and includes a reconstructed Victorian classroom. Shortly afterwards we came to Limehouse Basin after passing under two railway bridges of historical interest. There is also the entrance to Limehouse Cut, which leads back to The Lea Navigation, and views of the Thames.

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