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The July meeting of the 1960s Group continued its exploration of the events of 1968. Four group members gave presentations on topics that resonated with them from the period.

Firstly, Andy talked about Race and Immigration in the 1960s, examining the key legislation from the British Nationality Act (1948) up to the Equality Act of 2010. We considered the issues raised and a lively discussion ensued.

Next came Nicci who talked about the Grosvenor Square Riots. Her approach was refreshingly different: she read verbatim reports of those there to capture to the passion and hostility. It echoed Jackie’s reading of her cousin’s recollections from time in Paris in 1968 that she read last month. Nicci laid to rest the idea that it was Stephen Hawking marching alongside Tariq Ali and Vanessa Redgrave in one of the much-published photos from the demo in that brief time of history!

Carl, after his monthly meeting talk that morning, focussed in the afternoon on Vietnam and presented the background and the aftermath of the Tet Offensive, a pivotal moment of the war that took place in early 1968.

Finally, John talked knowledgably about the fluctuating fortunes of the Labour party in the 1960s and the meeting was rounded off with a 1968 themed quiz, the prize for which was a bulging bag of pear drops, described by one group member as “not just redolent of the Sixties, but a veritable time machine, transporting the lucky winner back to that age warmed by the white heat of the technological revolution”.

There will be no meeting in August.

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In September there will be a presentation by a guest speaker on the ever-changing role of the press and of journalists from the 1960s until now, followed by a Q&A.

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