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What a difference a week makes in bird watching! In glorious sunshine, both groups headed for Fishers Green in the Lee Valley on their respective Fridays in May, in search of Nightingale and Cuckoo.

Group 1 – Within a few minutes of arriving at Cheshunt Station we heard Cetti’s Warbler, Blackcap and a Cuckoo. Later, and after sighting a range of other birds, we were able to stand for twenty minutes listening to an exquisite Nightingale, hidden in the dense growth of a roadside hawthorn. Aim accomplished!

Group 2 – We met in the car park of the Lee Valley Park Farm, edged by a field of bramble bushes where several Lesser Whitethroats were in full song. Throughout our walk we heard Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs. There was plenty to see with clear views of Grey Heron and a Muntjac deer by the water’s edge. Although we caught tantalising snatches of a distant Nightingale, we didn’t get the full serenade and the Cuckoo had clearly moved on. However, the sight of a Swift, another long distant migrant, was very welcome.

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