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There are two groups; both meet monthly on different Tuesdays. At every meeting, each group decides on a topic for ‘homework’. There is no pressure to do the homework. Also, anyone can write about any subject. It does not have to be around the chosen topic.

There is a word limit of around 500 words for each piece, so that everyone has the opportunity to read out their work at each session.

We’ve produced short stories on many different topics such as birthdays; re-writing a fairy tale from the point of view of a different character; producing work which does not use certain conjunctions such as ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘yet’, ‘so’ & ‘then’; a story or other piece of writing based on a picture chosen by the group; writing something based on a chosen newspaper article, from a different angle or any idea prompted by the article and writing something based on a line from a song or newspaper headline. Some of us have also written poems.

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