Anne Heagney, Singing for Fun Group convener writes:

To all the people in CE&DU3A who have shown an interest in a singing group.

The Singing for Fun sessions are running well and many of the participants are recognising that contributions they make (such as listening to and learning a tune we are not sure of) are valued by the other participants. The Wednesday groups will continue as they are enjoyable and pressure-free for all (generally!).

It is still possible to join one of the groups.

We realise that some people amongst us, and others in our U3A, would like to sing, e.g. part songs (two, three or four different versions of songs which are often higher or lower, suiting people’s voice range) or to develop harmonising skills, perhaps using scores. If someone offered an instrument and to play, singing to music could be an option.

I am not a music specialist and it would be good if other people were willing to lead such a group.

So: please let me, or David Pashley, Groups Organiser, know:

If you would consider running some group of this sort.
If you would like to join/try such a group.

NB I would like any new session to be on some other time than Wednesday afternoon so I could join!!!!

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