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The Film Group has been meeting, watching and enjoying a small selection of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger films. There is a core group and also a quota of those who have come and gone. There are still people being added to the original waiting list and it is worth being on it. Our larger space is a lot closer and might be ready for April, but no promises! After May we will take a summer break until resuming in September.

The next series will look at how cinema changed or perhaps moved on at the end of the 50’s. Again many to choose from and on my initial list are a quite wide ranging collection starting I think with Peeping Tom(1960), other possibilities are Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960), The L shaped Room (1962), and Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

We are still meeting on the 2nd Monday of the month in Mount View Road.

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  1. Dear Patsy

    I have sort of ‘come and gone’ as you say, mostly circumstances out of my control. Such an interesting choice of films. I remember at the time of release, I didn’t think I could cope with Peeping Tom because of the content and all the years later, I still feel the same. I would however love the opportunity to see Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Lawrence of Arabia and The L-Shaped Room. The L-S Shaped Room was the first time I ever saw Tom Bell. He was such a great actor, sadly he passed away at the age of 73. Many years after the film when I was casting director at Thames Television we cast him as a lead in a sitcom called HOPE IT RAINS….only one series, but he was wonderful in it.
    Chatting to him on a location shoot, I mentioned the L-Shaped Room, he was rather surprised and said he didnt think anybody would remember it. It was a rather moving film….So, would you please put me down for all of those films if possible. Looking out of my window it would seem that the Met Office may have got it wrong (again) I back on to Alexandra Park and there is no sign of deep snow or a blizzard.Bit of snow this morning that’s all (so far) which has now melted away.

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